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Amy Westin - Life Coach
Thoughts will get clear, goals will get real, and ideas will meet action.
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People change. Businesses change. 

It’s the one thing that’s guaranteed in life. 

But how you navigate change is entirely up to you. It really is. 

My job is to coach you through these transitions. 



Amy Westin






Some people call me a coach. But I’m really a facilitator for change.


Whether it’s starting a business, making big life changes, initiating a crucial 

conversation, or re-aligning partnerships, transitions can be a challenge to 

navigate. I help coach you through that process of transition.


My talent lies in seeing things in people that they can’t see themselves. 

I have razor sharp intuition, and I understand the complex and unspoken words

of personality types. This helps me get to the root of the issue, allowing clients

to quickly overcome what is holding them back.


Now, there is never a universal solution. Human beings aren’t binary code. 

So I focus on each individual and business and determine what their specific needs are.

And don’t worry, I’m 100% non-judgmental.

Blue Couch
Harness change. It's here to stay.




coaching: for business


I work with small businesses, entrepreneurs and thought leaders in a variety 

of different ways.  Everyone needs a platform to improve his or her working

relationships.  Especially partnerships, which are not to be taken lightly.


I am an objective sounding board and have everyone’s best interests at heart. 

But make no mistake, I am brought in with a job to do – and that usually 

involves shaking things up and propelling you forward.







Can you relate to any of these issues?


Internal company strife.

Partnership friction.

Needing to pivot and make some changes but not knowing how.

Lack of a shared vision.

No roadmap for the business.



I am available to work in a capacity that suits your company’s needs.  

I work on an a la carte basis and in some cases,  I can be retained throughout

the change process.

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coaching: for your life


What exactly does that mean? It’s a great question. No, I do not wear knee-high

tennis socks and blow a whistle at you. As fun as that would probably be.


Do you ever feel that things in your life could be a bit better? 

That your relationship could be stronger? Or that you know you’re meant to be

doing something different but can’t fathom disappointing those around you?











Having me as your coach means having someone dedicated to helping 

you find those answers. I am there to walk you through this process and ask 

the right questions. A lot of questions. Usually people like to answer them.

What surprises most people is that they’ve had the answers all along.  



Where I can help you:


Returning back to work.

Trouble finding direction in life.

Switching career paths.

Discovering life as a new mom.

Great family. Great home. Yet something is missing.

Marital woes.

Family issues.



I genuinely want nothing more than to see you succeed. 

I get it.




work with me


I focus my attention on a handful of clients at a time so I can fully dedicate the

right amount of time and energy to each process. 


Working sessions can happen anywhere. At the office, over the phone, 

Skype, or a great coffee shop. Choose an environment that is comfortable for

you. But before anything begins, let’s have a quick chat to determine if we’re a

good fit for each other. 


The best way to reach me is by emailing











"You can trust Amy to listen patiently to your

deepest thoughts and feelings with openness

and empathy. 


Working with Amy has helped me to move 

forward with grace and continued self-compassion."


Kelli N, Oregon




"Through her use of very specific tools and 

techniques, I was able to improve relationship

dynamics that had been troublesome for me. 


She led me to a deeper understanding of 

myself and empowered me to see things 

from new perspectives."


Carol W, New York




"Amy Westin is a genuine person who listens

with your best interests at heart. She is a born

coach and is very easy to work with. She
provides detailed solutions that help give
perspective to any situation. 


I always look forward to our calls and,
afterwards, feel positive and energized about

tackling what’s ahead."


RACHELLE P, toronto




"Amy’s unique blend of deep, 

compassionate listening combined with her 

dynamic energy and enthusiasm make her a

force to be reckoned with. 


No matter where you’re at in life or what 

problems you’re dealing with, Amy is a kind

leader, an empathetic ear and wise counsel."


Mona S, Washington




"She seamlessly weaves together personal
wisdom with practical business knowledge,

making her an invaluable resource as I 

bring my business to life. 


Amy is compassionate, creative, and has a 

natural gift for guiding me to a place of clarity

and inspired action."


Beth H, Colorado




"Amy Westin is my secret weapon."


Dinah L, Toronto







here’s the thing


Most people seek out a coach when there’s a crisis of some degree. 

I’ve been there. That’s how I began my quest to stay on top of the surf versus

just keeping my head above water. 


And yet, while a lot of people are not in crisis, they’re not in optimal 

mode either. They’re living life and running their business on autopilot, 

believing that everything is fine. And yet every person and industry these days

seems to be in a state of flux.




You deserve more. We all do. And I can help you get there.
Amy Westin - Facilitator for Change

112 Adelaide St E   Toronto ON    M5C 1K9

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my path to here


Like you, I’m a lot of things. 

I’m a blend of fierce business drive and creativity, with a bit of spirituality. 

I play competitive hockey. But I also have a wicked shoe closet. Humbled many

times, I’ve experienced great teaching moments as a result.


My official bio sounds like this...I’m a trained and certified Executive Coach. I’ve been in the

personal development world for 15 years and counting. Although it never started out as a

career destination, many signs led me here.  In my previous life, I spent 10+ years working

in the film, tv, & advertising industry. I've had exposure to the best in class, as well as the

motley crews, so I know how to navigate sticky people and situations. 


I’m a born entrepreneur and have been surrounded by them my whole life. 

This gives me a deep understanding of the trials and tribulations it takes to run

a business. I listen, I learn, and I experience growth as a result.


I have 3 great kids, and am the wife to an uber-talented composer. 

All of whom can spot my ninja coaching from a mile away.




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